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The Numbers - Alberto Del Biondi s.p.a.

In its 33 years of activity, IDD – Industria Del Design can list famous collaborations and numerous successes.

But let’s have a look to the main numbers that sum up our history:

3 generations of tradition and experience in the world of footwear

IDD – Industria Del Design has taken the first steps, to invent a new profession in the industry and reinvent all the principles of the shoes.

65 highly specialized employees

The choice of talents to work with has always been a strong point for IDD – Industria Del Design: new ideas, but also tradition and consolidated know how.

23 States in which our design is allocated

Research and analysis allow us to make a versatile offer and always with a strong impact for our customers. The collections are successfully distribuited in 23 different countries in the World

25 internationals brand with whom we have been working for years

In its 33 years of activity IDD – Industria Del Design has created footwear and accessories for the most famous Fashion Companies. These partnerships have been consolidated over the years and are still successfully.

50 million pairs of footwear produced worldwide.

IDD – Industria Del Design puts shoes on the feet of the world: it’s confirmed by the amount of shoes produced every year. It also supports the Production process thanks to a Sourcing Service that allows to optimize time and costs.

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