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An ambitious and fruitful project has taken shape. IDD Designers, Teachers, and Students at SID enhance their R&D with Artificial Intelligence. This project aimed to address such a current topic in a concrete manner.

The students were guided with a “Design Brief” by CDO Massimo Giussani and Daniel Tschuemperlin to develop complete concepts following the identity of international brands for which IDD Industria Del Design develops the design and the product.

IDD-Ai-Intelligenza-Artificiale-02The results were collections and footwear models where AI was utilized in the design process as an accelerator, demonstrating that new technology does not replace previous ones but repositions them. Below are some examples of models created with AI.


Given the interest in the topic, all IDD leadership participated (Stefano Bennati, Francesco Pilli, Massimo Giussani, Daniel Tschuemperlin, and Gianni Ceccato), thanking teachers and students and also announcing that the works will be the subject of a publication to be added to last year’s publication on NFTs.

Special thanks to: Teachers and Students of SID, Italian Design School

In particular: Emiliano Fabris (CEO of Galileo Visionary District), Steve Azzalin (SID), Andrea Busato (SID, Galileo Visionary District), Stefano Claudio Bison (SID)

IDD Designers: Paola Marangon, Silvia Benetollo, Elisa Costella, Giovanni Norbiato, Beatrice Nacchi, Daniele Sgarra, Alessio Berlose, Camilla Trotta, Aurora Bizzotto

Other IDD Members: Ilenia Riccoboni (IDD – Material Research), Marco Benetazzo (IDD – Communication Officer), Giacomo Giussani (IDD – Project Specialist)

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