IDD – Industria Del Design and The Creative Minds of Tomorrow

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The future of Design is based on combining innovative and visionary thinking, state of the art technology translated in recognisable design.

Creative Minds Of Tomorrow

IDD – Industria Del Design, is always ahead of time, encouraging and building collaborations with those we consider the future of design: young talents of tomorrow and creative minds of today.

Creative Minds Of Tomorrow

There is a clear focus to continuously invest in the Padua’s headquarter and the Milan Design Accelerator (situated in the middle of the Vibrant Milan Fashion District).

Alberto Del Biondi s.p.a. Set-upPadua’s Headquarters situated in the middle of the Silicon Valley of Shoes Excellence, Riviera del Brenta.Creative Minds Of TomorrowDesign Accelerator situated in the Middle of the Vibrant Milan Fashion District.

The two spaces are perfectly complementing themselves to generate unique product concepts for the global shoe and accessories industry and consumers around the world.

Yount Talents

IDD – Industria Del Design vision to be the “Change Agent” is more true than ever.

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