IDD – INDUSTRIA DEL DESIGN – Inauguration of the Virtual Showroom

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IDD inaugurated the new Virtual Showroom on the occasion of the summer event “MoonLight Party” held on July 27 at the company’s headquarters.

The new immersive room is part of IDD’s digitisation project funded by Simest’s PNRR Funds.

IDD-INDUSTRIADELDESIGN-VIRTUALSHOWROOMThanks to the augmented reality  AR software you can access in the immersive room, both remotely and in the IDD digital home, through oculus or video, the various show rooms in 3D and see the footwear designed by IDD in an enlarged size like never before.

This new working tool will allow IDD customers to use the digital show room both as a showcase and as a virtual proto review. The next step will be the digitization of the traceability of the footwear prototyping process from design to its industrialization.

Simultaneously the realisation of the digital twin of the prototype and its commercialisation as NFT in digital platforms and in the Metaverse.

During the “MoonLight Party” the guests were therefore able to live the experience of augmented reality in the virtual showroom created in collaboration with PopLab, EZlab Blockchain Solution and Sid – scuola italiana design who contributed to the realisation of the project coordinating the various phases.

Next step of IDD’s 3D team will be participation in an event by partner Weev during Lineapelle, where guests will be given the opportunity to have an immersive experience.

The evening of the Moonlight party was characterised by an extraordinary blend of excitement, first-rate entertainment and many special guests and in particular the presence of the Cav. Luigino Rossi, a man who is a symbol of the Riviera del Brenta and a representative of the footwear sector in Italy and abroad.


During the evening, CEO Francesco Pilli, together with Chief Designer Massimo Giussani and Vice President Gianni Ceccato, honoured the champions of the “Biathlon” tournament, a table football and darts tournament, which has engaged IDD employees over the last two months.

In addition, employee creativity was emphasised by honouring the winners of the ‘Industry of Ideas’ competition, an internal initiative to promote innovation and gather suggestions for company improvement. The brightest ideas received special accolades, demonstrating the company’s commitment to valuing and incentivising the talent of its collaborators.

CEO Francesco Pilli, took the floor during the evening to thank all those present for their contribution to the success of the company and for the incredible participation in the MoonLight Party. She emphasised the importance of creative talent, true DNA of the company that combined with the ongoing innovative and digital development will be the keys to the company’s growth in the coming years.

IDD-INDUSTRIADELDESIGN-VIRTUALSHOWROOMThe festivities continued with the live band ‘GoodBoys’ that warmed everyone’s hearts with their immersive music. The dancefloor was then stormed by DJ Paulsoundesign who sparked guests late into the night with his breathtaking musical selections.

IDD-INDUSTRIADELDESIGN-VIRTUALSHOWROOMThe ‘MoonLight Party’ was not just an event to celebrate the summer, but a symbol of the commitment, creativity and passion that distinguish the value and talent of the IDD team.

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