IDD – Industria Del Design – Summer Party 2022

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One season of innovation and successes

April had been a month full of culture, experiences and emotions but July was even better.
IDD threw a Summer Party, in order to celebrate the season of the rebranding of IDD – Industria Del Design and the beginning of summertime.

IDD-Summer-Party-2022-web-01Francesco Pilli CEO of IDD gave a speech to all the team: he enumerated the achievements of IDD and fixed new goals for the next season.
With his words he said thanks to all the staff for the commitment and the progress made and highlighted the further steps of IDD’s growth.
A special thanks went to Massimo Giussani CDO of IDD, who was able to face an important challenge.
Additional thanks for these successes went to Gianni Ceccato SVP of IDD and Daniel Tschuemperlin (Strategy and Marketing) for their wisdom and consolidated knowledge in the world of fashion design.
The management team was mentioned too for the work done during these months.
Next season will be crucial for the development of the firm, which aims for many investments in new technologies, sources and collaborations with new partners.

IDD-Summer-Party-2022-web-02A special thanks goes to Alessandro Maretto, Elisabetta Loreggian, Marcella Casillo and Marco Benetazzo for the organization, logistics and management of the party, and to “Il Languorino Bistrot” for the excellent catering service.
Vinyls and music videos mixed in real time by Nicola Mattarello – DJ of the famous Big CLUB – and by Miki Video, thrilled and made the guests dancing all night long.

IDD-Summer-Party-2022-web-03IDD Summer Party was an opportunity to toast to all the progress and the successes achieved during these months.
Furthermore it was also a reward to our team that worked and continues to work with passion and enthusiasm for the change of IDD – Agents of Change.

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