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We are pleased to share with you an important moment in the history of IDD – Industria Del Design. On Thursday, November 23rd, during a memorable event, our CEO Francesco Pilli announced an important step for the future of our company: the relocation of our headquarters from Noventa Padovana to Vigonza, in the beating heart of the footwear cluster of the Riviera del Brenta.

The Mayor of Vigonza, Gianmaria Boscaro, spoke of the importance of the Riviera del Brenta footwear cluster and warmly welcomed us to this unique community. The company management gathered to seal the event, including Stefano Bennati, our majority shareholder, Massimo Giussani, our chief designer, and Tommaso Rinaldo, the architect in charge of the project. The atmosphere was charged with emotion, enhanced by a moving video of Roberto Bolle dancing to the strains of “Two Lives” by Marco Mengoni.

IDD - Industria Del Design NEWSKIN

in the center: Gianmaria Boscaro                                                                                                     from left: Francesco Pilli, Gianmaria Boscaro, Stefano Bennati, Tommaso Rinaldi.

Dr. Pilli enthusiastically presented the design of our new headquarters, a building that embodies innovation and sustainability, equipped with solar panels for energy self-sufficiency, bright spaces, green areas and water features. This is not just a change of address, but represents our evolution and growth as a company.

IDD Industria Del Design NEWSKINMassimo Giussani explained the inspiration and vision behind the design of the new office, then handed the floor to architect Tommaso Rinaldo, who detailed the innovative structure of our future office and announced that we will move into the new office by the end of spring 2024.

IDD Industria Del Design NEWSKIN

from left: Massimo Giussani                                                                                                             in the center: Tommaso Rinaldo

With IDD New Skin, we celebrate not only a physical change, but also the renewal of our corporate identity, which began with the change of leadership in 2021. This move marks a new chapter for us, full of opportunity and innovation.

IDD Industria Del Design NEWSKIN

left to right: Massimo Giussani (CDO), Gianni Ceccato (Senior Executive Vice President), Francesco Pilli (CEO)

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