NFT & Blockchain Exploration Camp IDD – SID – Galileo Visionary District – EZ Lab Blockchain Solutions

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“It was a period of great changes in “Industria Del Design” and the courage to change has created new opportunities.”

Francesco Pilli – CEO of Industria del Design

IDD-NFT & Blockchain

Changes are the challenge of our century, we are constantly experiencing climate, technological, organizational, cultural, social changes, which are leading human society towards a phygital society, a mix between physical and virtual.

Often we are frightened or skeptical of change, but if we ignore it we deny the existence of the contemporary, we hinder the interaction between old and new generations, one strictly essential to the other. From the most representative physical of previous generations to the most intrinsic digital in current generations. The common denominator that strongly binds all these facts is experience, which must be shared and respected with the aim of transmitting culture democratically.

IDD  began to confront and question itself  starting from the GEN-C concept,  shared in IDD by creative director Massimo Giussani and summarized as follows: In 2012, Digital Analyst Brian Solis defined Generation C as  “connected consumers” . He explained that anyone who has integrated technology into their daily routine – regardless of age – shares certain characteristics. “It’s how people adopt new technologies, from social networks to smartphones or other smart devices, that contributes to the digital lifestyle that is now known as ‘Generation C'”.

IDD-NFT & Blockchain

ut IDD has gone much further, exploring and implementing realities such as WEB3, NFT, Blockchain, Dao, and AI Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse.

All this was summarized in a publication entitled: “NFT & Blockchain Exploration Camp 2022″

realized by IDDIndustria Del Design, SID – Scuola Italiana Design (teachers and students), Galileo Visionary District and EZ Lab Bolckchain Solutions.

A book of futuristic ideas and concepts, shared by IDD stakeholders and all the collaborators mentioned above.

IDD-NFT & BlockchainOver a year has passed, and the results have exceeded expectations. IDD has proven to be a solid and forward-looking reality, for a successful future.

  Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Metaverse, NFT, web3
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